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If your laptop has had a drink of water or some other fluid, we can repair it!   Our success rate in repairing water or liquid damage to laptops is very high without the need of replacing the mainboard or other components other than the keyboard(Keyboards are very touchy when ANY liquid gets inside of them.).   We offer this service as a flat rate repair of $200.00.   If we are not successful in repairing your machine,  the rate is only $100.00.   If you decide to replace the bad components in your laptop the cost is the same as a successful damage repair.  $200.00 plus the cost of parts.   In other words our labor rate will never exceed $200.00 on any liquid damage repair,  and the minimum fee is $100.00 for an unsuccessful repair.

Most of these repairs are done the same day. If we have to order a main board or other component for your laptop, the repair time may be extended.  The cost of the parts for your laptop may vary, but generally laptop main boards cost  between $60.00 and $250.00 depending on the model.   Keyboards cost between $15.00 and $60.00 depending on the model.  We do offer a loaner laptop free of charge while your computer is being repaired.

Water/liquid damaged laptop repair:        $200.00 if successful.   $100.00 if not successful. This cost covers disassembly/reassembly of your laptop, plus any work involved therein.   If you decide not to fix your laptop,  we will transfer your data from the old drive to another laptop or an external drive for no additional charge.

Remember:   The sooner you can get us your soaked laptop,  the more likely it can be repaired without major component replacement.    Also,  DO NOT blow compressed air into a liquid damaged laptop.   Putting the laptop into a large Zip Lock bag with dry rice is infinitely better than pushing the liquid further into the board and under chips and other components with pressurized air.

We warranty our hardware repair work for 90 days.   Except of course if your laptop has another drink.

Water/Liquid Damaged Laptop Mainboard Before Repair Water/Liquid Damaged Laptop Mainboard After Repair
Before Repair After Repair


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